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10 Unique Unity Ceremony Ideas For Your Wedding

10 Unique Unity Ceremony Ideas For Your Wedding

There are many different unique and interesting unity ceremony ideas you can come up for with regards to your wedding. Irish Handfasting binds the couples hands together with a ribbon or cord and it symbolizes them coming together as one unit. Wind blending ceremonies are very symbolic as the wine contains bitter and sweet properties. This ritual shows when those properties are combined, something beautiful is created. Finally, tree planting ceremonies represent longevity and strength for the couple and their marriage and the tree is planted in a specific location.

Key Takeaways:

  • In the wine blending ceremony, the couple mixes white and red wine and drinks rosé.
  • The Christian-based foot washing ceremony is meant to show that neither partner is above the other.
  • The tree planting ceremony symbolizes the growth of the couple’s love.

“Each is rich in symbolism, and many of these alternative unity traditions have their roots in ancient cultures all over the globe.”

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