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Creative Summer Wedding Ideas for 2020
summer wedding

Creative Summer Wedding Ideas for 2020

Summer dampening your wedding plans?

We know it’s a tough time to be planning for anything, so a wedding might seem like an impossible dream this time of year.

But hold that thought!

You’ve just got to get creative with it.

Here are some of our favorite summer wedding ideas that are both safe and spectacular.

Drive-In Wedding

Invite your loved ones to the ultimate romantic film… your wedding day!

That’s right, with a projector and camera you could broadcast your nuptials to guests at a local drive-in theater. Or you could also turn an outdoor location into one with the right tools and prep.

This wedding format would allow guests to witness the wedding both in person and the big screen for a truly cinematic occasion.

drive in wedding

BBQ Weddings

There’s nothing like a good ol’ barbeque in the summertime.

Make the most of your backyard and treat yourself and your loved ones to some great BBQ on your wedding day.

You can make the menu as fancy or as casual as you like with delicious meats, veggies, and more.

This is a charming summer wedding that’ll make the most of the heat.

So if you’re aiming for a smaller guest list, this one is perfect for you!

bbq wedding

Mask-erade Wedding

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated safe summer wedding, this one’s full of charm.

Since your guests are going to have to wear masks already, so why not bring it into the theme of your wedding?

A masquerade theme is playful and can sparks tons of great outfit ideas for you and your guests.

It’ll add that extra flair you’ve been searching for and make it a truly memorable night.

masquerade wedding

Did you enjoy these ideas? Let us know which of these inspired you the most.

And if you’re ready to make your dream bridal shower, bachelorette party, or more, happen in 2020, visit, https://thesocialsetters.com/startplanning to make it official!


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